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Welcome to supply2store, wholesale cash and carry business supplying digital scales, cheap tobacco, cheap cigars and cheap pipe tobacco to smokers, distributors, independent retailers and caterers, worldwide, while maintaining best quality and service.We have a long and productive relationship with best quality tobacco manufacturers worldwide and we're able to source tobacco of any kind anywhere. Our company is one of the best worldwide tobacco and cigar wholesalers to source your business with all kind of tobacco product.

From pipe tobacco to cigars from the best quality manufacturers from all over the world ready to ship to our customers. We'll brand your products and packaging with your company logo or chosen graphics.

We also offer a wide range of Premium Cigars from Acid to Romeo & Juliet to Tatiana.

We supply world famous brands at any quantity anywhere and any kind. You can choose from various kinds of tobacco products and large scale of brands. We've got Phillies, White Owl, Black Jack, Black & Mild, Swisher Sweets, Muriel, Blackstone, Dutch Masters cigars, Captain Black, Carter Hall, Prince Albert, Dark Horse, Criss-Cross, Half&Half, OHM Pipe Tobacco and many more to supply to your local store or trading center, while providing you with the highest levels of service and reliability. If you are not sure what you really want to sell in your store, we can help you to decide by making a market research of your region.

Supply2store products are carefully and quality controlled by real people to ensure you and your buyers get the best quality tobacco. The variety and selection of digital scales will allow you to find just what you need. We deal only with manufacturers that have excellent work ethics and superb working environments. You can be sure of both quality and fair-trade while working with Supply2store.You will find our website very easy to navigate, making it simple to order your favorite best quality tobacco and cigar brands worldwide. To make an order of a product just add the quantity of a product you need to be supplied and press "add to cart". When you are finished shopping, you can go to "view cart" and finish your order, "continue shopping", "save changes" or "checkout". Our website provides you even with search function, which can ease your navigation.

All our products come in full color boxes with the product surrounded internally by special packing. This ensures the safety of our products during transit.

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This website contains explicit material not suitable for children under the age of 21.
According to the Federal law, sale of tobacco products to minors is prohibited.
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